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Backpacking in South America

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

What's in his and hers bag?


Clothes (for her):

  • REI rain coat x1

  • Simond Down Mountaineering/Hybrid Jacket (in bag) - doubles as travel pillow x1

  • Beanie x1

  • Nevica Travel Scarf/Head band x1

  • Waterproof Gloves x1

  • Arc'Tyrex Hiking pants x1

  • Thermal Top & Bottom x1

  • Long Leggings x2 - these are light weight and pack down to nothing, can be worn as pants and pyjamas or extra thermal base layers

  • Singlets x3

  • T-shirts x3

  • Long sleeve shirts x2

  • Jeans/Pants x1

  • Skirt x1

  • Swim shorts x1 (saves having to keep a clean shave on long trips)

  • Bikini Tops (double as bras) x2

  • Bikini bottoms (reversible) x1

  • Nickers (x7) - You can take less you just have to be prepared to wash them more often.

  • Sports bra x2

  • Hiking socks x4

  • Sports socks x2

Shoes (for her):

  • Hoka one one Hiking boots x1 - these are super light weight, waterproof and easy to wear all day long. They have added ankle and arch support as well and great grip. I'm prone to rolled ankles and feel so confident and secure in these, highly recommend!

  • Nike trainers x1 - any pair of light weight trainers or flats, just make sure they are comfy and appropriate for the expected weather conditions. I like trainers cause you can walk all day and not get tired.

  • Thongs/Flip Flops x1 - you need these for communal showers and campgrounds, don't leave home without them

Toiletries (for her):

  • Soap (shared)

  • Face Wipes (make up remover)

  • Flat Comb

  • Toothbrush & Mini Toothpaste

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Mini perfume

  • Mini sewing kit

  • Mini Aveda hair products

  • Batiste dry shampoo (perfect when no showers on hikes or remote camping but can't be taken in hand luggage. You can always buy it there)

  • Roll on deoderant

  • Body Lotion

  • Laundry Powder sachet

  • Mini Nail Kit

  • Olay SPF30+ moisturising face cream

  • Loreal mineral makeup powder & Infallible Total Cover

  • Eyeshadow/Liner/Mascara

  • Mini mirror

  • Lip gloss x2

  • Panytliners/Tampons

  • Razor (shared)

  • Zovirax

  • Travel Tissues

  • Cotton buds

  • Plastic Zip lock bags (for plane and also to keep wet soap away from clothes).


Clothes (for him):

  • Regatta light weight rain coat (in bag) - doubles as travel pillow x1

  • Hoodie x1

  • Beanie x1

  • Bandanna x2

  • Waterproof Gloves x1

  • Hiking pants x1

  • Thermal Top x2

  • Thermal Bottom x1

  • Long Leggings x2 - Skins

  • T-shirt x4

  • Singlet x1

  • Long sleeve collared shirt x1

  • Short sleeve collered T-shirt x1

  • Jeans x1

  • Light weight Tracksuit pants x1

  • Swim shorts x1

  • Shorts x3 - 1 are cycling shorts for Death Road!!!

  • Jocks x5

  • Hiking socks x5

  • Sports socks x2

  • Hat x1

  • Knee braces x2 #beyond40

  • Stuff bags x2

Shoes (for him):

  • Scarpa Hiking boots x1 - comfortable, durable and Italian made

  • Merrell Trainers x1 - bought E-bay cheaper than in store

  • Thongs/Flip Flops x1 - you need these for communal showers and campgrounds, don't leave home without them

Toiletries (for him):

  • Travel Towel (full sized)

  • Soap (shared)

  • Toothbrush & Mini Toothpaste

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Roll on deodorant + travel smelly ( Giorgio Armani is my fav)

  • Mini Nail Kit (shared)

  • Razor (shared) + spare blades

  • Shaving gel


First Aid Kit (shared):

  • Bandage - for sprains

  • Scissors

  • Vaseline - so may uses

  • Magnifying Glass - for splinters

  • Dressing/Wound Pads

  • Bandages/Plasters/Dressing tape

  • Savlon- antiseptic cream for bites, burns etc

  • Mercurochrome - antiseptic solution for scrapes and cuts

  • Chlorine tablets - water purification tablets

  • Oral rehydration/Magnesium sachets

  • Alcohol & Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipes

  • Paracetamol

  • Ibuprofen capsules and gel (a must for tired aching muscles #beyond40)

  • Amoxicillin (antibiotics)

  • Antihistamine

  • Echinacea/Lemsip cold and flu relief

  • Loperamide Diarrhoea relief

  • Jungle Formula Insect Repellent

  • Insect repellent ankle bracelet

  • Cliff bars (protein/energy bars) x 5 each - bought Wiggles cycling on sale

  • Energel Sports nutrition x 5 each - bought Wiggles cycling on sale

  • Protein recovery powder x2 each

  • Emergency Foil blanket x4 - Amazon £1.50 each

  • Lozenges

  • High5 Sports Nutrition Magnesium & Electrolytes tablets - bought Wiggles cycling on sale

Miscellaneous (shared):

  • Sleeping bag x1 each

  • Water bottle (thermal insulated) x1 each

  • Head torch x1 each

  • Mini Spanish phrase book x1

  • Pee Wee (toilet) x2

  • Waterproof jacket for backpacks x1 each

  • 65L Women's Backpack x1

  • 75L Men's Backpack x1

  • 10L DayPacks x1 each - 1 with 2ltr Camel water pouch

  • Sunglasses x1 each

  • Mobile Phone & Headphones x1 each

  • Tom Tom Bandit mini video camera x1

  • USB charger & Universal Adapter x1 shared

  • Battery Pack x1 shared (another option is a solar pack)

  • Passport & Vaccination Record (yellow fever) x1 each

  • Pen x1 each

  • Bank Cards/Cash (USD)

  • Paper copy of itinerary with flight/hotel info

  • Luggage locks/clips x1 each (super handy for attaching hear to outside of pack and free up space for souvenirs!)

  • LifeStraw (water filtration straw) x1 each


Total Weight (for her) 15kg:

Backpack - 11.5kg

DayPack (including full water bottle & snacks)- 3.5kg

Total Weight (for him) 16.5kg:

Backpack - 13.5kg

DayPack (including full water bottle & snacks)- 3kg


@GnTonefortheroad Packing Tip 3: Most hostels do not allow you to use your own sleeping bag or sleeping sheet anymore so you only need to take one if camping like we are. This will save you a couple of kg

@GnTonefortheroad Packing Tip 4: Leave room for souveniers. The best souveniers I find is jewellery because it will always remind you of the place you visited and you can wear it so it doesn't take up room in your bag. For bigger items, consider shipping them home.

If you have any questions please leave a comment on the blog page or send a message via the contact page. You can follow all our adventures as we #keepitreal, #keepexploring, #beyond40

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